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Move & Dance ♡ BodyWays Festival

   Bodyways Move Festival -   BoDYwAyS.org    -
   Bodyways Move Festival -   BoDYwAyS.org    -

Prepare for three days of constant celebration at Bodyways Festival 2018, May 3-5 2018, International Dance Village, Kibbutz Gaaton

For all who can Move / No experience needed.

here is where you will find ACTIVITIES IN CHRONICAL ORDER in Hebrew

Live music and dance performances throughout the day and
classes for all levels and styles

Come Dance! Move! Explore! Heal! Celebrate your Body Wisdom!
Next week @ the #bodywaysfestival

Entry ticket include participation in all workshops, most performances and include camping area at Ga`aton.
Separate tickets for the Kibbutz Dance Company performances and Vertigo workshop are also .available

Dance, Move, Explore, Express, Create, Balance, Heal, and Learn.

Starting in Thursday at 16:00 and throughout the day, Workshops will be scheduled in 8 locations and studios, each focusing on a different idea of movement, dance, voice or bodywork, contemporary dance, improvisation, various world dance styles, body language, circus, movement, vocal expression, expressive and healing arts, for the more and the less experiences, and for all ages.

Plenty of creative activities for children / Vegan meals,health drinks and snacks / Body therapy sessions are available on site.

♡ ♡ ♡ Where to Stay ♡ ♡ ♡

Entry ticket including participation in all performances and workshops and camping area at Ga`aton Discount tickets include accommodation in private or shared rooms. Call us so we can match you up with cool partners !

for registration and more information
please call
0 5 4 - 2 0 8 5 5 0 4

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BodyWays www.bodyways.org - sharing activities and knowledge for a better connected, healthy & active life.

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