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Passover Meditation Workshop

אחרון האורחים כבר הלך... פעילות זו התקיימה בעבר. להמשך התקשרות צרו קשר עם ביונימה
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עם : Elana Ganor
מתי : ראשון 6/4/2014 19:00
היכן :
הצטרפו לאירוע כאן ובפייסבוק הצטרפו לאירוע בפייסבוק
As Passover approaches, we are given an opportunity to look at one of the most important aspects of spiritual practice - inner listening as a tool for inner freedom.
I invite you to take a few hours of meditation and guided imagery and learn a new tool for personal transformation. By observing the bullies that still exist within us, the fears that still enslave us and the inner voices that keep us from discovering our true essence, we can make a few more steps to greater inner peace, greater freedom.

The pyramid structure is known to us all from the story of Passover, yet many of us are not aware of the immense power it has for transformation. During the workshop I will be teaching a tool I developed which is based on the pyramid strucutre.

Places are limited so please contact me for more information and registration at elana.ganor@gmail.com.

The workshop will take place in English. A workshop in Hebrew will take place the evening before.

You can visit my site to read more:

Elana Ganor

Elana has been guiding people, teams and organizations through transformation processes for over 10 years. She has worked with leaders worldwide and founded Bionima in order to support people as they become leaders of their own lives.

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עם : Elana Ganor
מתי : ראשון 6/4/2014 19:00
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