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תודה שנרשמת לקבלת דיוור מ-bodyways.
אירועי השבוע, שיעורים ומפגשים חדשים, טיפים, כתבות ומאמרים, הטבות ומבצעים אליך בימי רביעי ישירות לתיבה.

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Sacred Dance of the Silk Road & Beyond

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עם : Miriam Peretz
מתי : ראשון- ראשון 21/6/2015-31/5/2015 12:00-14:30
היכן :
The class begins with a highly ritualistic, ethno-contemporary warm up and then moves on into contemporary sequences and also traditional Persian & Central Asian forms.

The first part of class is highly ritualistic, fluid, ethno-contemporary class aimed at opening the senses and awareness to the space and to each other. The class always begins in a circle with focused intentions and a sense of creating community in the sacred circle of dance.

Then the class progresses into more intensive movement focusing on spirals in the body, moving from the center, musicality and finding deeper breath in movement all while building short movement sequences. Movement style is ethno-contemporary with influences from various world dance traditions.

Second part of class focuses on more traditional Silk Road dance styles (Persia & Central Asia) as well as the art of turning.

Miriam Peretz

Miriam Peretz is an internationally acclaimed instructor & performing artist specializing in Sacred dance, ritual performance, traditional dances from the Silk Road & her own highly unique form of ethno-contemporary dance.

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עם : Miriam Peretz
מתי : ראשון- ראשון 21/6/2015-31/5/2015 12:00-14:30
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